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Ensure a seamless process from sales order to stock management with eAccounts point of sale system

Cloud Based Point of Sale Solutions

In today’s fast-paced world, we understand that point of sale solutions need to be ready to meet you wherever you are. That’s why eAccounts provides reliable, easy, and efficient point of sale software for NZ businesses. Take your business further with enterprise POS systems from eAccounts Global. Cloud point of sale software takes processing orders online and off your hands, allowing you to close sales in a breeze. 

Enterprise POS Systems

Consider point of sale software that not only offers a full sales service for in-person transactions, but also supports delivery functions and charge sales for suppliers. Our point of sale software features aim to take a load off by allowing you to scale your business. Performance at any size and cost is what we seek to cater for with seamless integration and streamlined sales processing.

POS Software for Small Business

Set your small business ahead of the pack from the very beginning with the best cloud-based POS software. eAccounts supports growing the NZ economy and encourages your business to thrive with the help of our POS software for small business. Take our point of sale software with you wherever you go and explore our enhanced functions and features as your business expands over time. Sell with confidence by relying on our cloud POS software to take care of sales processing and provide you with live accessible data to track your performance. 

Key Features

eAccounts has its own built in point of sale system that can be integrated with existing scanners and printers while being based in the cloud. This means staff can access the point of sales register from any computer anywhere by opening a browser. Giving your sales team the ability to close sales in store or on the move.

  • Extremely fast processing of orders (most sales don’t need the mouse).
  • Supports cash, Visa, BankCard, Amex, Diners, loyalty card discounts as well as charge customers.
  • Supports GST inclusive / exclusive sales.
  • Allows for multiple delivery addresses.
  • Has special pricing matrix for debtor/group and debtor/product.
  • Can produce delivery labels.
  • Designed to use the mouse on a minimum of sales.
  • Can change a debtor on an order and optionally recalculate prices.
  • Supports barcode readers.
  • Supports cash receipt via email or laser printed invoices.
  • Supports charge and cash sales, and members.
  • Built in phone book (including debtors, members, suppliers etc.).
  • Can optionally raise supplier orders.
  • Allows viewing account and account sales history from the terminals.
  • Can add a barcode against a product and have it update eAccounts.
  • Supports product kits, with flexibility to download all items or selective.
Frequently asked questions
Will eAccounts work in a retail environment?

Yes. eAccounts has its own built in point of sale system that can be integrated with existing scanners and printers while being based in the cloud.

What is point of sale software?

Point of sale software brings you a seamless process from sales order through to stock management, enabling you to complete sales transactions and track performance levels for your business.

How does point of sale software work?

eAccounts offers cloud-based POS software in NZ with an in-built system that can be integrated with existing scanners and printers. Access point of sale systems from anywhere and while on the move.

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