eAccounts can organise components and raw materials to help streamline your manufacturing process. The system has intricate stock grouping capabilities allowing you to organise stock such as raw materials by creating kits, and kit families. This feature means you are able to organise materials in a way that best works with what materials are required for each production line process, letting you quickly know what stock is required and when.

Manufacturing Kit / Bill of Materials

The eAccounts system allows for strong inventory management in the process of turning raw materials into finished goods ready for sale. In the eAccounts system a user can:  

  • Define BOM kits (bill of materials).
  • Load multiple BOM's to manufacturer and to confirm there is enough stock to produce.
  • Post BOM's which puts newly manufactured items back into stock while deducting the raw materials.
  • Cope with serialised stock in the manufacturing process. A serialised item can be included that can morph into a new manufactured product with or without the serial number of one of the items used in the manufacture.

eAccounts supports various kit features within the stock system

BOM kit (Bill of Materials)
This kit type is for the manufacturing of products within the eAccounts system.

Explode on Invoice Kit
This kit type will automatically generate a list of all items individually on the invoice.

Hidden Kit
This kit automatically reduces the stock items individually on updating the invoice but only shows the single kit item.

Catalogue Kit
Used for creating special price lists for customers

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eAccounts is a cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, for your accounting and business management requirements. Experience rich functionality, seamlessly addressing multiple business functions.

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eAccounts works on a subscription basis. You pay an initial setup cost and then one monthly subscription fee agreed upon sign up. Click here to request a quote now

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We have data transfer specialists to move your business from your legacy system to eAccounts. Set your go live date and we will work with you to achieve a smooth transition. We provide system experts to train you in using the eAccounts system. Read more on implementation

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