CRM Solutions

eAccounts has a built in customer relationship management system that allows you to organise your contact database and stay in touch with customers. Store and look up customer correspondence. Build customised monthly newsletters and automatically send them to all customers.

Cloud Based CRM Solutions 

Stay in touch with customers using in-built customer relationship management software from eAccounts Global. The best CRM software keeps it simple, allowing you to organise your contact database by storing customer correspondence for future reference. Our CRM software offers you the ability to manage customer calls and emails with ease, keeping track of contact and generating automated client call-lists. Specify call cycles individually to each customer to get a better idea of who you’re talking to. Staff gain a better grasp of sales prospects and stay on top of call schedules so no customer gets left behind. 

Enterprise CRM Software 

For the top enterprise CRM software, eAccounts Global has the tools that you need to run your business smoothly and effectively. Successful customer relationship management is essential to the running of your business when it comes to maintaining customer interest and their loyalty. Manage loyalty schemes using our CRM system to award points straight from the order processing system. Points accumulation can be based on either the value of goods invoiced or invoices received on time. With the ability to fully manage and reconcile points awarded and used, you have complete control over keeping your customers happy. 

CRM Software for Small Business 

Getting to know your customers best through their loyalty and communication is the major benefit of customer relationship management software for small business owners. Understand what it takes to maintain customer relationships without the strain of organisation, eAccounts Global takes care of small business CRM software to make the journey to maintaining a loyal following as smooth as possible. Generate sales prospects by logging customer notes and properly managing your client call-list. Award loyalty points on a customer by customer basis to add a personal touch

Manage calls and emails with customers

  • Automated client call-list creation.
  • Allows call cycles to be individually specified against each customer.
  • Keep track of when a customer was last contacted.
  • Allows customer notes to be loaded by sales staff about sales prospects.
  • Automatically emails sales staff advising them of the weekly (or daily) call schedules.

Manage loyalty schemes

  • Ability to award points from the order processing system based on: 1. value of goods invoiced 2. invoices receipted on time.
  • Full management and reconciliation of points awarded and used.
  • Points/dollar can be set differently on a customer by customer basis.
Frequently asked questions
Can eAccounts help with my customer relationship management?

eAccounts has a built-in customer relationship management system that allows you to organise your database and stay in contact with customers.

What is CRM Software?

Customer relationship management software is a tool used by businesses to organise and access customer data. Manage business relationships and information associated with them easily and effectively with the help of CRM software.

What does CRM Software do?

CRM software allows you to store customer information and potential sales prospects, identifying opportunities and recording any service issues. Across the spectrum of a CRM system, you may also manage marketing campaigns and other administration tasks involving customers in an automated fashion to keep track of every customer interaction.

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