Proactively manage and track staff through eAccounts

eAccounts is a lot more than just an accounting system it’s also a great staff management tool. In eAccounts each staff member is appointed their own individual log-in. Strong user rights capabilities allow you to specify what areas staff have access too. As the manager you can see which staff members are logged in and track what staff are doing. The system also hales a useful task scheduling feature that can be used to setup and assign tasks to staff members then monitor that tasks are being completed.

Broadcast Messages to all Staff

When you run a business with 10+ staff it starts getting hard to manage office memos to staff. In eAccounts you can broadcast a message and then be able to review that all staff have read it.

Task & Schedule Management for Staff

eAccounts allows you to set tasks and reminders for staff. It's all very well telling your staff something should be done but it's another thing ensuring they remember to do the jobs and keeping track of job statuses. With the task management feature staff have the ability to confirm tasks have been done in eAccounts so you have a means to track work progress and manage time.

Management User Rights and System Access

There is huge flexibility in setting the access on a user by user basis. Set up staff with a specified user template which sets that users standard access rights. These can then be modified by you to ensure all staff have the access you want them to have.
All users can be limited to:
- Access between hour X and hour Y of any day.
- Access from one or two predefined IP addresses.
- Access on certain days of the week.
- Access to none/one/some or all branches.
- Access only specified modules, or make modules “read only”

Store Office Procedures

eAccounts can store all your office procedures that you want to have accessible by your staff. This enables you to keep procedures all online for ease of access and up to date. If you edit them, you can automatically broadcast a message to all staff to read and acknowledge reading them.
- Your health & safety requirements.
- Rules about using the fork lift.
- Procedures for requesting leave.
- Procedures to open a customer account.
- Office dress code and code of conduct.

Full User/Staff Logging and Tracking

eAccounts can track every keystroke a user does. At anytime, you as a manager can view and report:

a) Who is logged in
b) What every staff member is doing.
c) Review everything every staff member has done in eAccounts for the past 6+ months.