Keep your business organised with eAccounts inventory system

eAccounts allows you to quickly view and manage inventory. Its “Stock” feature allows you to look up stock, edit / add new stock items and reorder stock. Stock management reports are generated so you know how much stock you currently have by giving you minimum and maximum quantities detailing what needs to be reordered.

Inventory Management Features

  • No practical limit to the number of items included in the stock system.
  • 20 character product codes, 40 character product description and 2K character long descriptions.
  • All stock items can be optionally linked to up to three different searchable pages (multithreading) or flagged to be hidden in the "shopping basket".
  • Special customer pricing matrix that can give special pricing by range of Items or groups.
  • Maintains a "key word" search database that can be independent of the item descriptions.
  • Eight pricing levels plus special price (with cancel date).
  • Holds both tax exclusive & tax Inclusive (GST) pricing separately.
  • Ability to store BMP, GIF or JPEG files which can be dynamically linked to each order-entry item.
  • Definable price listing capabilities.
  • Stock ordering/receiving capabilities from remote locations.
  • Numerous report generating capabilities.
  • Ability to load pending costs and predict specials in advance.
  • Full stocktake system.
  • 6 definable costs, i.e. purchase cost, landed cost, average cost, pricing cost, valuation cost and invoicing cost.
  • Strong serial number tracking and control of inventory marked as being serialized. Several modes of operation: a) Serialised stock tracked only at sale. b) Serialised stock tracked at receipt and right through the sale process.
  • Supports various kit options within the stock system