How it Works

eAccounts Global has created a fully cloud based accounting suite

eAccounts is a cloud based full function accounting system with lots of smarts to make your business work when you need it, where you needed it on any computer. There are no more requirements of an expensive server in your office that forces you to work from that location only. eAccounts hosts the equivalent of this in our ultra-secure data centre and all you need to do to access your business's financials is to login from any browser, on any computer, from any location.

Gone are the worries of data loss from not having backups when hardware fails or a fire or theft in your office. eAccounts is backed up multiple times a day and then verified several times on Amazon cloud servers offsite as ultimate proof to its validity. To further protect your data from being attacked eAccounts uses powerful border management firewalls to ensure nobody but you, gets to your data.


The Implementation process for eAccounts can be done quickly and smoothly to minimise business interruption. Our dedicated team will walk you through the process of changing from your legacy systems to eAccounts. We make sure you’re primed for your “go live” date taking out the anxiety of a new system. Continue focusing on running your business without a glitch while we do the groundwork. Our data transfer specialists will handle the migration of data from your legacy system into eAccounts while you continue to operate, getting you set to go. During the implementation process we also provide you with eAccounts system user experts that will come in to train you, your accountant and your staff on how to use the features and modules of the eAccounts system. Feel re-assured with our proven track record of successful implementations for a number of clients such as ITM, Allied Work Force and Spark who currently rely on eAccounts to run their business.
  • We have eAccounts linked to OCR hardware for electronic documentation importing.
  • We can export data seamlessly and autonomously to credit management companies.
  • We can import data from 3rd party website shopping baskets (instead of using ours)
  • We can send supplier orders using the HIWG XML Standard
  • We can receive supplier orders from EDI sources
  • We have invoices automatically export as XML as they updated (factor)
  • Integration with POLI online payment system)