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My Business and eAccounts

1What is eAccounts?
eAccounts is a cloud based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, for your accounting and business management requirements. Experience an industrial strength solution, seamlessly addressing multiple business functions.
2How does the eAccounts pricing structure work?
eAccounts works on a subscription basis. You pay an initial setup cost and then one monthly subscription fee agreed upon sign up.
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3How does the Implementation process work?
We have data transfer specialists to move your business from your legacy system to eAccounts. Set your go live date and we will work with you to achieve a smooth transition. We provide system experts to train you in using the eAccounts system. Read more on implementation
4How do I access eAccounts?
eAccounts is cloud based and can be accessed 24/7 through any device with internet connectivity. Simply go to: www(server#)
In the URL after the "www" enter the server number your store is on
Once you have reached your eAccounts login page, enter your login details to access your system
5What devices can I install/run eAccounts on?
With eAccounts you don't need to install anything as it is browser based. Simply go to your browser on any device and login
6What support do I get with eAccounts?
eAccounts provides phone and email support for all your queries.
Call us on: call free (NZ): 0800 420 039 or +64 9 415 0400
or email at:
7Will eAccounts work with my business size?
eAccounts is built for any size of enterprise from SME's to large multi branch or multi organisation businesses. eAccounts is scalable, so as your business grows the system grows with you.
8Can eAccounts cater for multi-currency businesses
Yes. The eAccounts system allows you to send and receive invoices, statements and supplier orders in local or any foreign currency and works with multiple tax systems
9Where is my data located? How secure is it and do I have access/ rights to it?
eAccounts data is located on Amazon cloud servers. You have 24/7 access to your data through any browser with your eAccounts login.
10Can I operate my entire business using eAccounts?
Yes. eAccounts is a full ERP system that features all major business functions the only extra software you will need is a payroll system.
11Can new features be created for my business's specific requirements?
Yes. eAccounts can work with your business to create new features specifically tailored to your needs. Contact us with your requirements and we can work together to make eAccounts work for you.
12Can I restrict user logins?
Yes. eAccounts has a strong user rights management system. You can restrict access in many ways such as:
- Specific modules
- Specific times or days
- Specific locations
13What data is brought into this new system?
All Your balance sheet data can be imported into the eAccounts system such as creditors, debtors, stock and bank balances

The eAccounts System

1How can I manage my suppliers in eAccounts?
eAccounts can store and organise suppliers giving you the power to track purchase orders. Read more
2How can eAccounts help me organise inventory?
eAccounts allows you to quickly view and manage inventory. Its “Stock” feature allows you to look up, edit, reorder and add new stock items. Read more
3How can eAccounts benefit my manufacturing process
eAccounts can organise components and raw materials to help streamline your manufacturing process. Read more
4Will eAccounts work in a retail environment?
Yes. eAccounts has its own built in point of sale system that can be integrated with existing scanners and printers while being based in the cloud. Read more
5Can eAccounts store my creditors and debtors
Yes. eAccounts allows you to have unlimited creditors and debtors in the system. Read more
6Can eAccounts help with my customer relationship management?
eAccounts has a built in customer relationship management system that allows you to organise your database and stay in contact with customers. Read more
7Can my accountant access my eAccounts system
Yes. administration tasks can be easily outsourced. Out There Business Solutions or external chartered accountants can be given access to your eAccounts system where they can Log-in and manage administration tasks. Read more
8Will eAccounts work with my website?
Yes. eAccounts can be linked directly to your web store. The front end of your website has the ability to talk with eAccounts keeping stock levels accurate. Read more
9How can eAccounts be used as a management tool?
eAccounts lets you proactively manage and track staff through the system. Manage user rights, store operating procedures and broadcast messages to staff using eAccounts useful tools. Read more
10Does eAccounts run a General Ledger
Yes. eAccounts has an intelligent General Ledger module that can be used for powerful reporting. eAccounts has an integrated sub-system that links together all modules and automatically generates your General Ledger Read more

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