E Commerce

Integrate your website with eAccounts

eAccounts can be linked directly to your web store. The front end of your website has the ability to talk with eAccounts keeping stock levels accurate. eAccounts has built-in shopping basket functionality for both B2C and B2B customers allowing customers and trade businesses to see their unique pricing.

E-Commerce Functionality

The ordering module of eAccounts can be added to your web site as an instant shopping basket. Receive orders directly from the public and cut down on the work your staff have to provide.

The eAccounts ordering module will enable you to:

  • Get your entire stock and customer database online.
  • Add a shopping basket to your existing web site.
  • Provide your account holders with direct access to your system.
  • Host shopping basket links in different currencies.
  • List over 50,000 stock items and provides a powerful search engine to locate your products.

The e-commerce capabilities mean No HTML, ASP or Java knowledge is required to maintain the shopping basket since the 200+ configuration settings are form driven making it simple to manage your webstore.

eAccounts allow companies to view their own specific pricing online. If your shopping basket is being set up for "retail customers" a link can be added to your existing website that will take the customer seamlessly to your "shopping basket". If the system is being setup for "charge" customers (i.e. a wholesaler, builders, businesses) a different link is used that will first require the customer to login before accessing the "shopping basket". From this each different customer is able to use their own shopping basket with their own special pricing. This feature means you can have both B2B and B2C types of customers simultaneously accessing the same online shop while seeing different things.