Effective tools to manage clients and prospects

eAccounts has a built in customer relationship management system that allows you to organise your database and stay in contact with customers. eAccounts own customer contact system allows you to store customer correspondence on file and quickly look it up when needed. It also boasts the ability to build customised monthly newsletters and automatically send them to all customers without using a third party company.

Manage calls and emails with customers

  • Automated client call-list creation.
  • Allows call cycles to be individually specified against each customer.
  • Keep track of when a customer was last contacted.
  • Allows customer notes to be loaded by sales staff about sales prospects.
  • Automatically emails sales staff advising them of the weekly (or daily) call schedules.

Manage loyalty schemes

  • Ability to award points from the order processing system based on: 1. value of goods invoiced 2. invoices receipted on time.
  • Full management and reconciliation of points awarded and used.
  • Points/dollar can be set differently on a customer by customer basis.

Newsletters and Marketing

eAccounts has a very powerful built-in newsletter management system which allows companies to inform, remind, advise, instruct, advertise and communicate with their current and prospective clients.

The eAccounts newsletter module interacts with all email addresses held in the account master file. Build a professional looking monthly newsletter with minimal effort. use one of the predefined templates then customise it including pictures, graphics and attach PDF or CSV files. eAccounts can then automatically send this newsletter to all your customers, including multiple staff within those companies.

eAccounts also has a full rich text letter writer built in. Write a letter to a customer, email it and have it automatically go on file in eAccounts so that any other user who logs in can have access to what was said.

We have multiple clients sending over 4000+ newsletters by email monthly to their customers telling them of new products and new services through the eAccounts system.