Creditors / Debtors

eAccounts Global has created a fully internet based accounting suite

eAccounts allows you to have unlimited creditors and debtors in the system. You can set accounts up with customised pricing levels and apply different rules to different accounts. This segment of eAccounts seamlessly links to key areas such as banking, stock and CRM. While doing this it provides you with the ability to generate numerous reports and statements to keep account management under control.

Accounts Payable (Creditors)

  • No practical limit to the number of creditors included in the system.
  • Detailed history breakdown.
  • Automatically generates payment batches to upload and process through your banking software.
  • E-mail or print remittances automatically to creditors.
  • Numerous report generating capabilities.
  • All reports can be emailed in PDF/Tiff or CSV format, faxed, or printed.
  • Ability to handle master creditors.
  • Links with stock reporting.
  • Creditors can be linked to multiple creditor accounts in the General Ledger.
  • Creditors can be linked to multiple accounts.
  • Creditors can be linked to single or multiple General Ledger branches.
  • Creditors Invoices can be automatically offset against outstanding debtor balances internally.

Accounts Receivable (Debtors)

  • No practical limit to the number of accounts included in the debtors system.
  • Default payment type is held against each account e.g. cash, cheque, direct debit and visa.
  • Each account can be assigned a price level from one to eight.
  • A customised pricing matrix can be created for each account, which provides specific pricing information by product or product group (also includes quantity breaks).
  • Numerous report generating capabilities.
  • Different freight rules can be applied to different debtors.
  • Multiple delivery addresses can be applied to each debtor.
  • Multiple "pin users" can be setup for each debtor. Each of these "pin users" can have different order processing rules for the same debtor.
  • Example one staff member may be able to have goods delivered to any address whereas another may only have access to send goods (for security reasons) to a single address.
  • Choice of e-mailing (PDF), printing or faxing statements.
  • A complete account history and drill down reprint of monthly statements is available for the previous 100 years.
  • Ability to have automated overdue letters sent by e-mail or fax on a regular basis to assigned customers.
  • Ability to specify credit limit and financial periods allowed to be overdue.
  • Ability to specify weekly or monthly statement periods.
  • Links to CRM system.
  • Ability to add notes and reminders against invoices and or the customer account about overdue accounts etc. Can automatically add reminders to yourself and or for other staff to follow-up.