Our customers are very happy with the results they have achieved by using our products as the following accounts testify to this.

Timmo's ITM Building Centre

After more than 6 months analysing the ITM supported software options, we chose to install eAccounts which we did early in 2006 for a 'live date' 1 April 2006. The installation went very well and whilst we expected a few 'issues to arise' these were far less than anticipated. The support and accessibility of eAccounts staff has been great and was certainly a major factor in the smooth transition to their product. Many changes that we required at a personal store level have been implemented very quickly - some changes even being made overnight or during a weekend. The system is certainly meeting the expectations we had, particularly with the reliability and accuracy of stock control and cost control. We are still fine tuning our processes and internal "parameters" knowing that as we do so eAccounts has the ability for us to more effectively manage and improve our bottom line. Nicky Timmo


At Euromarketing we specialize in importing and distribution of new spares for heavy diesel engines and gearboxes. We distribute nationally from warehouses in Auckland and Christchurch. eAccounts enables us to track the performance of our branches from anywhere and with real time invoicing and stock movements we are now able to work more accurately and so provide a better service to our customer base. The need for daily expensive inter-branch communication has been all but eliminated. We can fax or print reports from one branch to another. eAccounts generates orders to our suppliers using their own part numbers which dramatically reduces picking errors. The flexibility of eAccounts is an added bonus. Bruce Airey Director Euromarketing Limited Auckland, New Zealand

Jason Bardell - MD, Independent Building Supplies

For those of you that know me you will know that I always call things as I see them so below is a reference you can rely on. eAccounts for us in the early days was a challenge, the problem looking back was that we wanted the system to adapt to the way that we wanted it to work instead of working more with the system and upgrading the way that we did things. 7 years on I really can't see us ever changing to another system, it really is that good. I have in fact recommended the system to many other companies. I still feel that there is huge potential not only in what is there that we are yet to take advantage of but also in the future potential development that is always going on which I have to say in the last 6 months has been outstanding with the most significant upgrading to the system that I have ever seen. At IBS we run our Stock Control, Creditors, POS system, Full CRM reporting for our sales reps who are on the road, electronic newsletters which are very easy to use, it helps with our credit control, automated price list updates and much more. The Just One Click system is one that has the potential yet to be realised but this is a great added feature for our customers. The fact that I travel all over the world makes no difference in my ability to access all the information, in fact on a daily basis I have an email with all the information that you need as the owner of the business; turnover, creditor info, stock info, bank balance, how much we were paid today, gross margin and more. One of my hesitations when I was first thinking of putting this sort of information in the "Cloud" or online was the security of others being able to access my information. I came to the realisation that the system was significantly more secure in both the location of the servers, the backup and having someone far more dedicated to keep people out of the server than I would have on staff. In fact, we have embraced more Cloud computing options using Google Apps for our email which is also excellent.