eAccounts Global

eAccounts is a cloud based accounting and business management system. Experience a robust and feature rich solution, seamlessly addressing multiple business functions.

About eAccounts

eAccounts, written in New Zealand, has been in business for over 10 years quietly building from the ground up, a robust business solutions system for medium enterprises (SME's) to 200+ staff whilst being totally a web / cloud based solution.

With its integrated shopping baskets (supporting both B2C & B2B), staff task management, newsletter generation and electronic publication system and CRM, eAccounts makes it a true one stop solution for your business system needs.

eAccounts has helped industry recognised brands throughout NZ, Australia and across the pacific. Customers have experienced improved processes and reduced costs. Customers have the power to use a single ERP business management solution that they can access anywhere at any time.

Use a Robust Accounting Solution

eAccounts caters to all sizes of business. It's many modules offer you a robust, feature rich and industrially strong accounting package. It was designed from the ground up to deal with big numbers and big data files. So we guarantee you an upgrade path as your business grows.

We have customers:

  • Who have 50,000 plus customers (debtors)
  • Who have 30,000 product lines.
  • Who have 170 users.
  • Who have 500 suppliers.
  • Who deal in sales transactions exceeding $10 million on a single invoice.
  • Who turnover $50 million a year.
  • Who have 30+ branches.
  • Who operate in 5 countries simultaneously.
  • Who have 40+ printers in their business.

Why use eAccounts?

  • Robust and feature rich to support customers working with many staff / customers or stock lines.
  • Highly customisable user access rights to the various modules and sections.
  • Extremely reliable and secure, due to eAccounts being cloud base.
  • Staff can work from anywhere, from any device and on any browser.
  • A strong pedigree of existing customers and a 10+ year development in a broad range of industries.
  • One solution needed, from your online shopping cart through to the General Ledger financials.
  • No need to worry about backups ever again.
  • No IT staff required (no onsite server required), just connect a computer to the Internet and login.

eAccounts Demonstration

We provide eAccounts demonstrations upon request.

Please contact our main office to organise a suitable time.

Phone us on 09 415 0400
Email us at sales@eaccountsglobal.com

Once you have done the walk-through and know a little bit more about processes, our staff can provide you with a temporary account to a demo business, allowing you to experience eAccounts at your leisure.

If you just require basic information about the capabilities and functionality of the eAccounts system, please refer to our modules page.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our product.